Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Aviators,White Shirt & That BAG

“ stylishblogger:
“ Feels like spring in New England!💛
Dia lindo por aqui - venha primavera sua linda! Haha by @camilacoelho
www.fashionclue.net| Fashion Tumblr, Street Wear & Outfits

to get a bag kinda sorta like this but without patchwork see my previous post.

happy Fall everyone  !!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

The IT Bag Today

ladies, this handbag has it all !!!

12 1 /2"  X  10 1/4"  X   5 1/2 "

suede with leather, shoulder strap, and a medium size, 
& compartments !!

we have received the 1st of our deliveries, 
black & caramel colors
& in date order they have shipped. 

I have ordered 6 of each color
 and I know they will sell out 
and we will have to make a re-order.

delivery will be mid September.

pre-order now 
by clicking the PayPal button at top left sidebar,
just to the left of the "lady with hat"

be sure you tell me in the NOTE PART OF THE PAYPAL
 which color you are ordering.

or email


free shipping in the USA & Canada

they are MORE BEAUTIFUL in reality than the photos show.

once my new shop opens
the price will be $ 249 + shipping costs.

so this is a DEAL for my lovely readers !!!



Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I Know For Certain.....

How very simple, how very true.
This is why we all LOVE dogs !!!!
are they smarter than us ?


Autumn Leaves

I love this season!
I love the cooler weather, the crisper air, the brilliant blue skies,
& the thought that the holidays are coming.

this is when it all begins, isn't it?

planning for the holidays.

absolutely THE best !!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

He Brought Sexy Back

“ Sasha Luss at Tom Ford S/S 2015.
from the recent runway show, the evening looks, like the one above.
now, tell me girls, wouldn't we all wear this if we could?

& don't tell me that you're petite/short, cause the Olsen sisters are as well,
and they wear really oversized dramatic apparel themselves.
you just have to take a new picture !!!

below, his closing look

this one is SO ME !!!
Tom is a definite trainblazer in fashion, beginning with his tenure at GUCCI & YVES ST. LAURENT.

now, hi's trainblazing again, by offering apparel shown on the runway to be available to purchase
the next day in stores.

a very dramatic difference in apparel shows as usual.

David Bailey at Burberry is doing the same thing.

maybe some of you remember a few years ago I
announced that the top 3 designer influencers in the world
Tom Ford
The Row
Marc Jacobs

& the daywear
love the menswear gray with the ombre leather 
and 2-tone boots....

& I guess there is NOTHING HE CANNOT DO as his newest film
received a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival.

I think he's originally a Texan !!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Point About the Eyelashes.....

if one is travelling they are a life-saver, and a time saver.
instead of spending 1/2 hour to apply makeup, all you need is your foundation & blush & you're ready to rock.

as most of you know, I love Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast,
however, I also love Rome....

and I especially love the Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri Hotel,
sitting high atop a hill overlooking all of Rome

Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - View over Rome from Hotel Terrace

that's right, head for the hills...where the air is rare, where pools shimmer,
pines soar & a team of luxurists are vying to spoil you

nestled on 15 acres of lush Mediterranean park,
15 ACRES, people....this is amazing in itself, isn't it?
opened in 1963 it has been continually updated & improved by the Hilton family.
it is truly one of the finest hotels in the world, in my opinion.

Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Luxury Transfers

just about the most perfect outfit one can wear in this beautiful place.
red, always red, in Italy !!!

below, the Penthouse Suite contains the famous Dollar Sign original art by Andy Warhol,
actually quite amazing for a hotel room, right?

Picture of sofa room

Picture of dollar room
Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Penthouse Suite Rooftop Terrace
the spa, the hairsalon, the exercise room, the tennis courts, the jogging trails in the wooded property makes all of this exceptional.

Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Indoor Pool Daytime

sitting poolside is one of my favorite things to do...
I could be here 1/2 a day and think I've spent my time well.

Waldorf=Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Breakfast by the pool

Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Terrazza degli Aranci

below, La Pergola Rooftop Restaurant is recognized as the best restaurant in Rome,
and one of the top 4 in all of Italy.  believe me, it's true.
the dining experience is beyond beautiful.
it's Rome's only 3-Star Michelin Restaurant.

Waldorf=Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - La Pergola

we have stayed here many many times, we return because of it's remote location
 overlooking all of Rome...
they have a little bus which runs every half hour to downtown Rome, so you can come & go easily,
and the other guests are always wonderful international people who we love getting to know.

so, you see, this is the perfect stop-over after the Houston-Rome flight....
giving us a chance to catch our breath, do a little shopping, dining, spa-going...
all without leaving the property...


where these kinds of outfits RULE
(except maybe not the high high high heels)


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Have You Done This Yet ?

having lashes applied?

well, as you'd guess, I have !

I used to wear the little clumps all the time, 
I could apply them myself - from about the middle of my
lashline to the outside edges.  they really enhanced my eyes,
which are big & blue.

as with everything else, the trend kinda went out...
but NOW it's back bigger than ever.

my nail salon has someone who can do this with the same
little clumps that I used to use...and she does it on both eyes in about 30-45 minutes...
& charges $35.00 !!!

it's worth the time, my friends.
this girl gets it.

she applies to each client to suit their eyes & age.

we had a girl's day the other afternoon, and one of the friends,
who is way older than me, was dying to get eyelashes.

I'm telling you, she looked fabulous !!!

don't knock it if you haven't tried it !

& remember, if it's not fatal or permanent,