Friday, July 18, 2014

Castles, Crowns & Cottages, The Tales of European Holidays

while I certainly cannot wax as poetically as Anita, 
nor write as brilliantly as Vicki Archer,
or create art as beautiful as Jeanne...
something lovely comes over me when I think or talk about Italy,
 which is where I'm taking you today.

what is your 1st thought when you think of Italy?

tomatoes caprese?
or a big plate of pasta at a sidewalk cafe?
or a glass of the local wine?

for me, it's the vast vistas across the waters of Italy,
be it the lake country in the North, or the Mediterranean Sea
 or the waters & the  Adriatic Sea of Venice.

all beautiful, but in very different ways.

I'm drawn to the water.
in any location I travel I want to see water.

to me this is the perfect place to spend the rest of my life.
sitting right here overlooking the Mediterranean Sea,
hanging out with my family & friends,
listening to loud music, drinking the wines of the region, some of which must be diluted
with aqua minerale as the locals do.

going to the market to buy fresh!
fresh fresh fresh everything!
piling the fruits & veggies high on a big wooden table,
encouraging everyone to partake.

Vicki Archer described the difference between France & Italy a few weeks ago in the most
wonderful way, and I think she got it entirely right.

& maybe that says a lot about me also.
there isn't any country I dislike, even the ones in the Middle East,
however, the one I LOVE is Italy above all.

the warmth of the people, the extreme generosity of spirit, the spirit of life which imbues all of the Italians fills me too.  I feel like I AM Italian when I'm there!

we drove the coastline from Monte Carlo down to Portofino
on our honeymoon.  of course, we couldn't find the hotel right away (it was already dark
because my husband never got anywhere on time), and as he asked directions
out the window of the car he literally shouted "PORT-0-FINO" as if
being louder made the people understand him better.  :)'s

Belmond Hotel Splendido

everywhere you walk there will be a tiny view of the sea...
always the sea.



Chanel couture Fall 2014


Neoclassical Villa Sorrento.

imagine this beautiful villa.
perched atop the high bluffs of
overlooking the sea.

our hotel was just to the left of this magnificent place & I wondered every single day who lived there.
what did they do, how long had this home been in their family?
& if this was just completely "normal" for them?

& this fabulously opulent gown from the Italian Valentino seems
to be perfect for attending a dinner party in this villa, doesn't it?


Maartje Verhoef for Valentino, Resort 2015

this is what I love about the Italians, they embrace opulent.
they created opulent.

but the "opulent" they do is perfection in a world filled with
the "over-done."

I am opulent, but I am never "too much" or "gaudy,"  know what I mean?

& yes, I would wear this outfit with those little sandals
 (even though the sandals are Chanel, not Italian). 

 & I would wear those earrings too!
& carry that little green bag, made from ONLY Italian leather.

thank you to our hostess, the delightful, warm & wonderful, Anita
of Castles, Crowns & Cottages for putting this little party together.
there are about 50 participants so please take the time to hop over to her place
& take a look.   HERE

Castles Crowns and Cottages


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Room & An Outfit...

every single thing about the room makes me happy,
the high beamed ceilings, the lovely chandelier (so understated),
to monochromatic color scheme,  always my favorite.
I would probably done flowers a bit differently, 
you know my Italian would have to come out somewhere, right?

& the oh-so-beautiful '40's-inspired dress.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Notes From The Amalfi Coast

I will be joining Anita @ Castles, Crowns & Cottages,
linkable icon at top right,
for her European Blog Party,
this year it's not only France, but ANY country in Europe.

you already know which one I have chosen.

all images via tumblr


Sunday, July 13, 2014


some other NEW pieces in our
Designer Bracelet Collection

4-Strands of Semi-Precious Stones
on 18k Gold Overlaid on Brass



Dyed Blue Onyx

these pieces are so feminine, with lots of movement.
we think you guys will snap them up for Christmas gifts,
or girlfriend gifts.

offered to our readers (not on our website yet)

$89.00 each

+ $4.90 S/H

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if you order we will send you a PayPal invoice,
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Notes From Abroad....

while I'm on vacation, and supposed to be AWAY from the computer...

the studio told me we had just received these items & I wanted you guys 
to see them before they went up on the website:

Brass Plated with 18k Gold,
Bezel Set Lapis, Chalcedony, Rose Quartz
18" long

Bezel Set Chalcedony & Green Amethyst


Bezel Set Purple Turquoise & Amethyst

each $95.00

36" Long Rope
Bezel-Set Rose Quartz & Chalcedony
18k Gold Over Brass

2" Long Delicate Curving Stems
18k Gold Over Brass
Pave Set Crystals
Chalcedony Drops

email us

we will send you a PayPal invoice for the merchandise + $4.90 S/H

we only have 4 of each design so don't delay if you like them.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Normal Heart

I should have written this post as soon as I had finished watching this
HBO movie, "The Normal Heart"

Mark Ruffalo
Julia Roberts
Matt Bomer (from Houston)
Jim Parsons (from Houston)

as it truly was a masterpiece of film-making.

about the dark times for the gay men/women infected with AIDS
in the beginning of the crisis in New York City.

I watched this film alone, and I'm happy for this.
it brought out emotions I might not have expressed had I been with anyone.
almost everyone from the show has been nominated for an Emmy, as I predicted.

the film is excellent.
the characters are flawless.
all of the characters are flawless, even the ones not nominated.

the tenderness, the passion of Julia Roberts as a wheelchair-bound doctor treating these men 
is beyond belief.

Mark Ruffalo & Matt Bomer are a couple.  And, yes Mark Ruffalo pulled that one off brilliantly.

You MUST see this film!

spoiler alert:  there is nude love scene between Mark & Matt, and there is
a nude romp on Fire Island.   didn't bother me a bit.  I admired the actors for showing
what, to them, is normal love.

I know they all cannot win.
but they've already won, especially Jim Parsons & Matt Bomer,
showing different characters than the ones we are used to seeing.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fall Couture in Paris


unwearable, unsellable, an homage to Kaiser Karl's own ego, I think...
bike shorts-like things under almost everything,
creating outfits only someone very very very thin & VERY YOUNG could possible wear.
though I do hear there are a lot of the very young at the shows & if history
tells us anything we should be aware of the youth quake in London some decades ago.

but, I do love the little shoes,
which will cost about $1500 I'm sure.


focusing entirely on evening wear, his show was nothing short of beautiful X10,
as expected.  from opening to the end everything was simply splendid
in the way we have come to know Elie Saab.


let me tell you, ladies, my man Giorgio surprised me with this collection.

very short skirts for the likes of Kate Hudson, who was sitting front row,
& Juliette Binoche & Pink.

the color story was BLACK/WHITE/RED,
quite a distance away from his trademark Armani Blue and the grays he favors.

these head pieces, some of which fell to the floor, added a diffusion to the lines.
spectacular they were.

& yes, I would wear this dress, sans headpiece - only because I'm too old to get away with it
and probably don't have the right gala to attend where it would look smashing.


always always always the tribute to elegance is owned by this house.
with or without Mr. Garavani's physical presence, his essence reigns.

to say this was the most opulent, most beautiful, most elegant isn't enough.
all of that, of course, but something else...
very very current, very very new via the shoes shown with each ensemble.

those little patches of gold are appliqued leather, representing wheat they say.
so back to the Earth for inspiration.
& see what I mean about the little sandals?  flat sandals.

to me, this little black dress is pure perfection.

so, tell me, what did you think?

anything you just absolutely LOVE?

all via

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