Friday, April 24, 2015

I Found THE Dress.....


the skirt is going to be a bit longer 
because I think I will wear it more at knee-length,
I cannot do mini any longer, 
it's too difficult to sit comfortably & I am also over the age where I think it is appropriate.

I would love to wear those shoes but they are too too high for this event,
and I still have to find the right ones, not white but maybe a beige straw wedge,
with a hat in similar materials?
& huge silk floppy flowers in the dress's flower colors?

the Mise en Dior look-alike white pearl/big CZ earrings, which I sell.
and that RED handbag with the chain shoulder strap.

the ONE item which is an absolute MUST...
big, dark sunglasses., I really must study up on the horses !!


mailed about 20 handbags out today,
more tomorrow.

& we've ordered some new designs as well as re-ordering
the best seller.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This is the Way I Like to Dress....

OMG, I know some of the young ones will be despondent over the
apparent lack of adventure...

the mixing & mis-matching of fabric designs & colors,

but, for me, monochromatic dressing is the way I go.

the way I go anywhere/everywhere.

not that every shade must be a precise match of the other,
but melding shades...

the elegance of this type of dress has always appealed to me.

I don't knock around in sweats (outside my own home, that is),
nor do I wear torn jeans with tees having some absurd saying printed on my chest.

I know, I know,
there will be disagreement here.

it's OK.

for me, it's the Armani, Ralph, Max Mara refinement I love,
it's my signature.

casual luxury

this is what I call it.


I'm already getting ready for the Kentucky Derby on May 2nd,

the favorites right now are:

International Star
Carpe Diem

according to their standings with accumulated points.

but, as all of you know, the colors are what I wager on & the beauty of the horse,
which is paramount.

now, gotta find a new outfit,
I'm thinking a cotton maxi, maybe all white, maybe a little bitty floral print, 
definitely not black or red...but I will consider almost anything else...
Ralph Lauren Black Label makes a pretty white one, but it's so so simple....
I could see it with some awesome hat though, and Jill Henning is the hat-maker to the stars,
this is where one goes to find the perfect one...

& when I do you will see it.

somehow this year the shoes seem quite important
as it's awful to be uncomfortable !!


If You Have Nothing to Do.....

think of going to this beautiful place in Hawaii
Manele Bay Hotel
on the island of 

the reception area

the terrace bar

of course, there's a world-class golf course,
whale watching, cooking classes, scuba diving,
a spa to die for, with hairdressing...

there are no shops except the ones on property,
there is no nightlife,

there is nothing but total bliss,
unwinding, turning off,
catching up with nature.

& one of the largest and most beautiful pool areas I've ever seen,
where they bring you iced towels (sigh sigh sigh),
food, drinks, music.

& just a short drive away is the sister hotel
Koale Lodge
set in a rain forest landscape.
where there is horse back riding, more golf, verdant green landscapes,
a different kind of bliss, and oh-so-beautiful.

3rd re-order of the small handbags is now in, all 4 colors,
a huge box to unpack, stuff and ship out.

email me if you need information

or call

these bags + other styles will SOON be at both
SOHO Couture
locations in Houston


Monday, April 20, 2015

Perfect for Summer

Hobo Bags with Tassel


- Watercolor stripe double bag hobo with tassel
- Faux leather
- Top magnetic snap closure
- Paisley print removable zipper pouch
- Dual top handle
- Removable shoulder strap
Size - 13" X 12" X 5"
(pouch - 12" x 8.5" x 4.5")

$ 88.00 each







 Woven stitching detail cross-body bag

- Twist open flap closure
- Removable chain shoulder strap
Size - 7" X 5.5" X 2"

$ 50.00

Kelsey Turquoise
Kelsey Black
Kelsey White

Kelsey Watermelon

the "KELSEY" is a small bag, perfect for dinner out, or for the ease of
carrying cross-body.

with Mother's Day coming up soon, either of these handbags would make a lovely gift,
ones you won't find everywhere.

truly unique with lots of fashion flare.

email us to order


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


International Blog Party


this month the group is talking about

"life's little luxuries"

as you know, we have a common theme and then we give our personal take on that theme.
it's FUN X 10
to see what each one of true "individuals" will say.

the image above conjures up one of the things I consider a "little luxury" ...
dining al fresco with my friends or family.

no matter the environment, this is truly a gift to me.
even if I'm the one doing the cooking !!!

and, as I've aged I've discovered that what I once thought of as "a luxury"
is not seemingly not so important.

the latest luxury sports car
shopping till I drop (which woiuld have included having the latest "thing")
fine jewelry
& on & on

(our Oregon coastline)

My Real Luxuries

I love love love to travel, I'll go anywhere (well almost!),
by ship, train, plane or car.

NARS eyeshadow & blushers
because they are highly pigmented & you need so little to make a beautiful finish,
& because they have moisture built-in, in other words they are not dry-looking.

getting my nails & toes done

having a great haircut

taking care of my little doggies, Bono & FiFi,
walking them, cooking chicken breasts for them, getting them groomed
so that they feel as beautiful as they are.

my creativity
this is a true luxury as if one has NO time creativity doesn't happen.
for example, yesterday at the shop a woman came in the front door
asking where the outfit on the mannequin could be found.
I had just styled all the inside mannequins (not the windows)
& we have one on each side of the entry double glass doors.
she bought the entire ensemble; & this little simple thing just made me so happy!
& she was happy too.

my orchids
I now have re-bloomed 3 of them!
can you believe it?
taking care of them by misting every single day is a joy to me.
when they reward me with loveliness which lasts for weeks or even months,
I think it's a little luxury.

& for the final thought today,

I find that my blogging is a little luxury.
you guys reading my blog makes me SO so happy,
and you allow me to be ME.
the authentic, opinionated ME.
the glamourous ME.
the sweet ME
the non-cooking ME,
the caring & sharing ME.

seriously, how could there be a better luxury?

please please please visit the other members who are posting today.
all of our posts take time and a huge commitment to the group.

scroll down to see the linked-in member posts


Monday, April 13, 2015


a great & fabulous party, al fresco

has WON the little clutch giveaway !!!

Thank you, everyone, who commented & entered the drawing,
I loved hearing from you !!!

& would you look at these new KEDS:
so wonderful, aren't they?
& not the usual at all.


dsw ad copy


Friday, April 10, 2015

SPRING GIVEAWAY + my fashion styling

Draped Denim Jacket

loving this very light weight blue jacket,
a take on the moto denim, but for summer's in Texas,
or anywhere it's hot.
even Europe.

fluffy watercolor pant which actually is so lightweight it's like gauze,

sandals, tees.

what else?

going to Hawaii for a few, it's a long flight from Houston, and if I could
I would change planes in L.A., walk around for awhile and refresh myself,
however, the companions want to get there asap and don't understand the need for the stop.

I've always preferred the relaxed way of travel,
 stopping over in NYC for a couple of days on the way to Paris, Rome, London, anywhere.

the flight returning seems easier somehow, doesn't it?

for those of you who don't realize how large the USA is, or even how large Texas is....

from Houston - El Paso
is HALF WAY to Los Angeles !!!



FN101464 C#1

little canvas clutch
kiss-lock clasp
detachable strap

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Don't Have A Thing To Wear......+ GIVEAWAY

& at one moment in time I might well have worn this,

by Manish Arora, SS '15
an Indian designer hq'ed in New Dehli...

you can find this skirt here, + many of his other designs
(this is not directing you to this site because I make money
by clicks, only for your information).

all of his designs look like costumes for Katy Perry,
but they are beautiful to dream about for a few minutes.

or we could try to look a little bit like this
true American fashion icon,
Olivia Palermo
in NYC

wearing culottes & a navy blazer

or this beautiful interpretation of black & white

or this, the beautiful, alluring, Italian fashion icon, Giovanna Battaglia

wearing posies & zebra, a combination considered "high high fashion" these days,
the muse of Dolce & Gabbana,
& a true European style icon, in my opinion


FN101464 C#1

darling canvas clutch

see previous post for all the specifications

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All-American Style


Monday, April 6, 2015

A Little Bird Told Me.....


12" X 7" X 3"
a canvas clutch with a kiss-lock clasp & detachable chain strap,
so about the size of a piece of  paper.

what could be cuter?
more Spring-like,
& make a perfect gift?


if you wish to 

we have only ordered 24 pieces, they are on their way to us now & will
be SOLD OUT before they are put on our website.

for our loyal reader's only.

FN101464 C#1
FN101464 C#1



20" X 10" X 7"

laser-cut flap-over tote
faux leather


JY0039 SALMON by HR 




& this wonderful little clutch,
laser-cut envelope with gold lining,
detachable chain strap
faux leather

"Clarissa Petite"

12.5 X 7.5" X .05"


WA1018 BEIGE by PZ
WA1018 MINT by PZ
WA1018 BLACK by PZ
please email us to order