Monday, November 30, 2015

Must Have For Holiday Parties, Yes?

this begins my seasonal Christmas postings,
where each day you will see something different pertaining to the holidays ahead.
some beautiful, some heartwarming, some whimsical
please come along with me on this lovely ride...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

"By Invitation Only" for NOVEMBER, A Fantasy Dinner Party

International Blog Party
we are a bit off schedule because of the holiday season's arrival,
& we wanted to celebrate along with all of our readers....
the fearless leader thought it would be FUN to once again host a
there were ONLY 2 rules...
cannot invite anyone in your own family, except your partner, of course,
& we cannot invite Jesus (that's just too easy, isn't it?)
so, we are to invite TEN 10 INDIVIDUALS,
living or dead,
real or fantasy.
for me, there are 2 people who are always invited, they are at every table I set because they would add so much to the conversation, I think, and they are iconic figures...
this year some of the invitees are quite different than they were 4-5 years ago when we did
this same post.  of course, they would be different as so much has happened.
but, each one of them is much admired and invited because they each bring something
different to the table.
MICHAEL WEISS (political commentator)
TINA (of the Enchanted Home)
BOB DYLAN (always)
KING ARTHUR (always)
I would have invited Peter O'Toole also,
can you even imagine a more gifted conversationalist?
& look up Michael Weiss, he's brilliant.
please click over to join the ladies who have posted with us today,
just scroll down and you will find a clickable icon to go to their posts.
I'm in the hill country of Texas with my daughter, Vanessa, & her family for a few days.
My little grandson, Colt Harris is a little over 2 years & he's a complete pistol!!!
So we have 5 dogs, 2 2-year olds, and the adults for an early Thanksgiving.
They are all going out of town to visit faraway family members & I'll be back in
Houston to Thanksgiving AGAIN with my friends & family there.
love to all


Thursday, November 19, 2015


Wednesday, December 2nd

4-7 pm


Grand Opening Celebration of the NEW


across the street from EVENTS on West Gray
Houston 77019

to all my friends & readers (who are also my friends)
please come & raise a glass with us
& meet Nina, Bill Moritz, our store manager, Adi Patir, most recently of Chanel,
my co-worker at Sak's 5th Avenue, & Babette, the petite French woman, who
knows everything about fine apparel.

we need your support
& want you to see our new home !!!!!!e

it's totally awesome !!!

washable 4-ply silk (IMAGINE !)
beautiful Merina wool suitings
the Global Travel group
the Equestrian group
& our gorgeous evening pieces.


Monday, November 16, 2015


 fall perfection

fall perfection...

big sweater, long skirt, little vest, Chanel bag
Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor Marie Claire

below, the perfect jewelry storage built into your closet

inside the perfect closet
(except I would never have all those Hermes boxes)

loving the soft palette of the monochromatic-ness 

 & how I see my next re-decorating scheme

below, totally dramatic, love the lighting & the touch of pink

What are you loving right now?


Saturday, November 14, 2015


we are all French now.

as most of you have read on my blog, I've lived in the Middle East, in Iran during the time of the Shah.

they loved Americans and all people of the West.
they were educated people, there was a definite middle-class.
I always felt safe there.

we were able to visit Beirut, drive all around Lebanon & even visited Syria.

I wonder all the time what would have happened to our world if Jimmy Carter had not
allowed the Shah to fall.  the Shah's family would still be in power today.
together with the Shah we also had a friend in the King of Jordan.
those countries were strong, and if they had remained stabilized & friendly to the West
would we have terrorists?
I don't think so.

I've been watching CNN since the beginning of the attack reporting
& know we are seeing brain-washed fanatics, not religious fanatics.
religion has nothing to do with this.
it's used as a war chant.

brain-washed drug-addicted people.

only education can change this.
but that's too slow.

how do we deal with this problem?
do any of you have ideas?

ideas which fall just short of dropping the bomb.
now I know why President Truman dropped the bomb...
it was the only way to stop the carnage, I guess.

what do you think?

this is a rant.  I know that.
it's a rant because no one can see the reason behind these horrific acts.
it's also a rant because I'm both an outspoken Texan with Italian heritage.
I was born this way!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This is Life....

& we are to revere every part of it,
all creatures, great or small...

A Tiny Reminder....


Without etiquette we revert to brutes


Friday, November 6, 2015

Do You Feel The Holidays Coming On ?

I know I do.
I've already started my intense Christmas shopping, something I truly enjoy.
it literally brings me joy to find something I know my family members or friends will love.
do you feel this way?
and, know what?
CUYANA has the most amazing things!  I would LOVE anything from them,
but especially the oversized Alpaca pop-over.  
check them out, you will be happy I turn you on to this lovely site
(& I'm getting 0 from this, I just like it so much I wanted to share).

Tuesday Morning
have any of you been there lately?
we have a new one nearby, next to an Office Max (a place we all go into now & then),
so I popped in yesterday.  goodness !!!
so many little goodies for the holidays,
hang-tags for gifts, delightful scented soaps all wrapped up for Christmas giving,
delightful polka-dotted wrapping paper, lovely little Christmas liquid hand soaps I know my grandchildren will like so much, and on & on.
just go !!!

+ I ordered 6 sets of make-up brushes from one of my suppliers,
they have arrived...little vanilla-colored envelopes with many assorted real boar hair brushes.
truly a great stocking stuffer, or a hand-out gift when you see a girlfriend.

I'm so coo-coo I keep a little shopping bag in my car filled with goodies just in case
I feel like passing one out to someone to brighten their day.
you know?  tis the season, isn't it?

& Thanksgtiving?
hardly had time to think of that yet.

our next By Invitation Only's topic is

each hostess will invite 10 fantasy guests...
I know, I know....I'm thinking, I'm thinking....

it will be the Monday BEFORE Thanksgiving so try to pop in to see each one of us.

now from the shop of Splenderosa...for the final time we are offering

to my loyal readers the last few remaining bags of this style.

Genuine Leather, Gold Chain Strap, Gold Hardware
Medium Sized Bag
(some would say small)

there are only a limited number in each color,
only ONE with the TURQUOISE.


regular retail would be about $295.00

Snake Print Beige with Turquoise



#6 RED

Animal Print, Beige Suede, Black Back

to order
all are in stock and available immediately !!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015


your thoughts, please...


Friday, October 30, 2015

Opening Monday, November 2nd, in Houston

this coming Monday the new-to-Houston


will open in the River Oaks Shopping Center on West Gray, directly across from EVENTS
& next door to the GAP.

this will be my new home, where you will find me from 10-6 Monday-Thursday.

the apparel is beautiful and practical, a marriage which we don't often see in today's world.

& that alone should cause everyone to love it !!

the staff is made up of true luxury retail professionals, all of whom I know very well.
&, I must say, I'm delighted to be back with these lovely people.
did I mention that the Director of the 5th Avenue Club  (she was my manager)
recruited me for this position.
you see, I couldn't possibly say no.

in fact, I'm SO excited !!!

This two way stretch cotton fabric is made by a mill in Switzerland and is the highest quality.
 This is machine wash and dry and travels and packs very well.
 The fabric will not wrinkle. 

The ¾ length car coat in the Equestrian line  is always a favorite! 
This is a very slimming silhouette and looks very chic buttoned or unbuttoned.
 It comes with a self-belt, which can be tied around the waist or left off.
 This is the ultimate travel jacket.
sizes 00-22

Nina is the consummate professional with decades of retail management experience 
under her belt...
she sources all the European-made fabrics herself, 
and then designs the collection herself.
she's a fireball !!

the company has 13 (soon to be 15) shops in all the major cities and in many resort areas,
including Nantucket, Vail &Aspen,

for me, this represents the opportunity to use all my talents as like most Gemini people I balance lots of balls in the air at once...and it will put me back in touch with all of the clients I served at 
Sak's 5th Avenue.

so please, do come see us.
pop in & have a coffee or a glass of wine while you view the new collection.
I welcome you !!!

failure to prepare is preparing to fail

ben franklin