Friday, March 7, 2014

Torn Jeans...I Need Some Help With This....

 I have postponed this post until after all the
Fall Fashion Shows were over.

but this is something I really do not understand.

&, hey, I've even seen pics of Olivia Palermo wearing torn jeans & a tee
when she's out walking her dog in NYC.


to me, this is pitiful.
I even said this to one of my fellow bloggers when she put up a photo of herself in
an otherwise awesome outfit.  
&, yes, we're still speaking.

I understand fashion totally.
this has been my business for decades.
I understand the trends of the youth. I understand fads.

but, once out of college, why would any girl/woman want to look like this?

could you guys help me with this?

I know a lot of happening ladies read Splenderosa and I appreciate your opinions very much.

it's just that, for me, it looks like "everyone else does it" kinda thing.

please take a look at the previous post showing some of the
coming merchandise for Spring.

soon to come, also, semi-precious jewelry.

have a great Spring-like weekend !!