Monday, April 17, 2017

The Style Cocktail 2

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I've determined that I may want to be this bold and happy and unusual when I reach her age.
have you guys seen her in the new TARGET COMMERCIALS ?

the person I know who comes closest to this is Elizabeth Kirkpatrick in California,
the Contessa.  And, I ADMIRE HER SO MUCH !!

Style Cocktail is definitely a phrase to use with Iris isn't it?

and for me, this is what I would actually wear

but yesterday I did step out a bit and worn a beautiful hand-painted turquoise & teal tea length
dress with birds & flowers with a matching long long scarf.

my mistake is that I also wore a pair of shoes I've owned for 3-5 years, but have only
worn once...they are absolutely perfect for this dress !!
teal silk quilted platform wedges with an open toe.

they were perfect for the LOOK,
I was completely unable to stride across the room, really unable to even walk except with tiny steps,
& actually took them off while we were seated ( !!!! )

but I laughed.

& now I've determined this is more my look

ladies, it seems I may have to leave my high high heeled, very fashionable shoes, in the closet
or pass them on to someone much much younger, someone who will be able to stride across the floor.