Pillow Covers

all are 18" x 18"  with zipper
covers only, require a 16" x 16" insert

$15.00 EACH
I know !!!
this is wholesale price, believe me !!!

the 1st few pieces should be here any day now,
& I'm ready to re-order as I'm selling to small shops around Texas.

please understand, the photos are not as sharp as they should be as
I've enlarged them on the blog.

another thing to remember:
I've curated all of them myself so they work together as a grouping.

For me, this is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to
re-create the entire look of a room.

payment link on left sidebar PILLOW COVERS of BLOG HOME
then use the drop-down menu to choose the Pillow # & quantity

if you purchase more than ONE we will combine shipping
& adjust your payment amount

most of the pillow covers are in a BURLAP-type fabric.
however, the ones with the white background are silky-feeling, so a bit more dressy.


I've been looking at these for a few days, and know I could add embellishments
(fringe, cording, etc.) or  could take them apart, add a border all around to make them larger.
any seamstress could do it, I think.

another factor to remember:
no matter where you look online or in stores
they're a really really good deal !!!


not burlap

not burlap

not burlap






because there is only room for 10 items 
on the drop down menu for PayPal
the pillows below needed to be ordered via an email to me.
sorry for the bother.


not burlap


because I know I would want them,
I have SOLID COLOR coordinating pillow covers
almost any color you can imagine.

the two below are NOT Flamingos, 
but just too wonderful to leave out.
there is a whole collection of the
Perfume Bottle Pillows
all the same price

if interested in the 2 pillows below
please email me to let me know 
we'll send you a PayPal invoice for them.


this case has CHANEL on the front
Next up, the following categories of PILLOW COVERS
shown below a little tiny sampling
again, all are curated by me, so that they will make 
beautiful groupings.

Cows in the Field Pillow Covers
20 x 20
Cotton Linen Cute Pig Cushion Cover Decorative Pillow For Sofa Car Covers Cow Sheep Pillow Case Animal Home Decor Pillowcase
Cotton Linen Cute Pig Cushion Cover Decorative Pillow For Sofa Car Covers Cow Sheep Pillow Case Animal Home Decor Pillowcase

there is no payment link on these,
email me if interested







these lovelies are woven fabric & have the design
making them a bit more pricey, so
about $35 each
20" x 20"
payment link on left sidebar




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Shelly Mathes said...

Love these pillow covers, you have so much talent! It's going to be hard to choose the ones I want. Thank you.