ONLY 3 left out of 40 
so hurry hurry hurry

ladies, this is a value far in excess of it's price.
you're getting 10 items, all curated by me,
all wonderful
& nothing is sample-sized, it's all standard sized products.

& you might get a big surprise in your BOX because I have SO much merchandise
in my warehouse, it's suddenly struck me that "why not?" include something from this stash 
in each box.
a surprise !!

comment to WIN a free box !!!


will contain many items, all curated by me, chosen because they will appeal to almost

remember, this must be a "limited" edition
as I need to order quantities of each item included.
so, don't wait, we're already 3/4 SOLD
 photos of everything below

a blue/white long open-fronted caftan
this piece HAS ARRIVED IN STUDIO & ladies it is WONDERFUL,

blue/white scarf

cachecol sale freeshipping 2017 new scarf women beach shawl autumn and winter long period of bohemian wind cashew warm nation

necklace, earrings, bracelet to match above
in the blue colors

& there's been a switch from the blue/white table runner, which cannot be
delivered on time to this FUN SEQUINED ONE, which is larger anyway

12''x72''/30cmx183cm Luxury White Sequin Table Runner Wedding Party Table Decoration Solid Color Table Runners


large canvas bag  for travel, shopping, etc.

set of natural bristle make-up brushes

& the following 3 extra items
small Imari-like perfume bottle with hanger for your closet or handbag

bar glycerin hand-made soap
same with this item, a surprise

pouch of beautiful sea-salt bath salts, fragrance selected by me
this is going to be in a pretty little bag so the scent comes through,
highly giftable too.

 & this one is truly unavailable anywhere elese

last, but certainly not least, each one of you will receive a framable, 
original photograph taken by my world-famous commercial photographer son,
Steve Harris

the image, above,
taken by him in Puerto Vallarta with his drone camera...
really beautiful, I think !!

he shot the image last week, and I freaked out because I thought it was so wonderful.
he agreed to make enough prints for my SOLD BOXES,
all signed by him.

the items will come to you in my beautiful white boxes

with the address labels created by me to carry the theme from the outside to the inside,
all beautifully packaged, and maybe a little sussie-gift for you.
BOX   is  $125.00
payment link on top left sidebar

to USA & Canada only

(NO EXCEPTIONS, unless my international readers wish to pay postage)

1 comment:

pegnek said...

Oh Marsha your Summer Box looks Fabulous!! Sorry I didn't jump on that before I left on our Anniversary vacation to Aspen/Snowmass! Congrats on getting every single one spoken for and if you decide to do another, I will be 1st in line! I just know everyone is going to be thrilled with everything inside, all because of your exquisite style & taste! Enjoy every Splendorosa I receive!
Peggy Wnek
PS I received the turquoise silk scarf just in time for our trip! It's beautiful! Thank you!